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In Person Energy Session

1:1 session in Byron Bay or Bangalow

Service Description

Each session starts with an initial conversation before lying down for the energy journey. Hz frequency music is played. There will be time at the end to gently ground and debrief about your session. Having no expectations and being open to what unfolds on that given day is ideal as no two sessions are ever the same.​

Relaxation is definitely a profound benefit of this work but sometimes sessions can bring up uncomfortable sensations to be cleared and healed. Sleep helps integrate the shifts. You may feel a little sensitive the following day. Or you may just feel blissful. It is all a very natural part of change and reorganisation.


Post treatment the body continues to adjust for 24-48 hours and can take up to 3 days to fully integrate the changes



"I have been working with Sarah for years now and her grounded, nurturing approach always helps me find my way back to my centre. She has helped me with my health far beyond what I can ever comprehend or put into words. Highly recommend if you want to shift any un-ease in your body"



"Monthly self-care: Just had my energy session with the amazing Sarah Rickerby.I've had phenomenal personal and career growth since working through where my body holds blocks and trauma"

- Brooke

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancel or reschedule up to 12 hours before either via confirmation email or by contacting Sarah directly

  • Cancellation within 12-3 hours will incur 50% cancellation fee (half of full price of session)

  • Cancellation within 3 hours or no show will incur 100% cancellation fee (full price of sessions)

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