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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


"My first session with Sarah was just incredible and I didn't know what to expect. I had terrible jetlag from flying for 30 hours from Europe and after one treatment all my discomfort was gone and I felt balanced and centred again.


She is very knowledgeable and skilled and her gentle calm and positive energy made me feel safe and accepted. During the following treatments I reached very deep levels of relaxation and I could feel how tension and energy blocks were released from my body. Sarah is always fully present and mindful; she listens to your body and seems to know intuitively what your body and your mind need at every moment. I walked away every time feeling uplifted and renewed at all levels.


I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is in physical or emotional pain. She is a true healer and a wonderful person."

-Miriam, Doctor

"Thank you for today Sarah. What a session. Incredible. Mind blown. I’ve never known a place to feel so safe and held to heal. You have helped me in ways I can't explain.


I also wanted to let you know that when I feel a lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty come up I use a lot of the tools that you have shown me and can find a safe space within.

Thank you again. Eternally grateful I found you"


"Stage 4 Melbourne lockdown combined with months of homeschooling and running a small business had left me feeling fragmented, scattered and totally exhausted.


During the distance session I was never asleep, but instead in a space of deep quiet that was wrapped in waves of calming energy. There was a physical sense of internal shifting and perspective altering on my current challenges and life demands. It's a very hard experience to put into words, but the results are undeniable.


I have felt calm, re-energized and excited to get into work mode. I feel solution focused and most importantly unblocked in my writing. The day after the session I was up at 5.30am writing freely and in a way I haven't been able to for months. The beautiful thing about the remote healing experience is the opportunity to be in the familiarity of your own home. I had a sense that the energy shifting has stayed in the physical space as well.


I have no idea how the process works remotely but can testify that the sense of relaxation and transformation is deeper than any massage or other hands-on modality I have experienced up until this point. Sarah is uniquely gifted and a genuine healer. I highly recommend and endorse the remote practice, especially if you are feeling stuck in your creative work".

-K.M, creative and mother

"Sarah is an incredibly gifted healer. I was very tense and stressed before my first session and couldn’t believe how it all just melted away during her treatment. I felt like a different human being post session, everything felt looser and lighter. 


Sarah is deeply intuitive and shares powerful insights too. This has helped enormously in creating new patterns so I’ve remained stress free for weeks after my session. So good that Sarah is now on my recurring list and I recommend her to all my friends, such a delicious, nurturing treatment"


-Sheila Langan, Life coach and storyteller

"I’d been recommended to Sarah and I must admit really had no idea what to expect. I just knew I needed help. A different kind of help than what I’d had before. I first came to Sarah with quite a degree of apprehension and a bit of a wall around me. I’d experienced a lot of trauma (both physically and emotionally) in childhood, and my adult life, so my trust levels weren’t too high!! PTSD, panic attacks, high anxiety and low moods were familiar territory. 

She was so respectful, so kind, so loving and so skilled, that after a couple of sessions with her I trusted completely. She made me feel safe and treatment with her has cleared away layers of trauma... physically, emotionally and spiritually. She’s an incredible practitioner who definitely has a ‘factor X’ working with her. But even if she didn’t, her level of care, love and expertise is amazing and greatly appreciated." 

-Chris, Acupuncturist

"Therapy with Sarah was an amazing experience for me. I had no idea what to expect. For my first treatment, I lay on the table and in a matter of minutes I knew for the first time what relaxation really meant. I immediately felt my back readjusting, things started shifting inside me and tension melted away. A lot of energy moved down and out my legs and feet. It was as if everything that was out of place was coming back into balance and every session was so different for me. Layer upon layer was reorganized and transformed. I felt like a new person


What I liked the most about Sarah is that she approaches the treatments with deep concentration and understanding. She has an intense knowledge and feeling for what you need the most. She has a unique talent and gift. I am very grateful for her treatments and the calmness she has brought to my life."

-Panorea, Physical Therapist

"If you are a client of mine you would have heard of Sarah Rickerby. Her work is like no other. It is actually really hard to describe how transformational it is...

She will see your truth and hold you in your messiness

I just want to emphasise that healing is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes is is really hard and takes time, but having support systems around you is what gets you through" 

-Josie Bradley, Naturopath

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