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Welcome to a somatic approach to Energy Medicine

Most imbalances, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature or origin, respond to this subtle yet powerful multi-dimensional work. 


Sarah believes in empowering the individual and offers the potential to consciously work with innate abilities and healing potential. To be able to trust what you feel and sense. To support your own growth and change. She brings 25+ years therapy experience and deep care and nurture to her sessions.

Energy knows no distance, so during remote sessions Sarah can see and intuit equally in this form. It is surprisingly intimate and you will feel safe and supported. Sarah works with clients all over the world. In-person sessions are available in Bangalow for locals and tourists. Every session is unique.

During a session you may experience:

  • feeling centred, grounded & embodied 

  • reduced pain and stress 

  • dropping out of your mind into your body and heart

  • regulation of your nervous system

  • processing of held trauma in your tissues and nervous system

  • integration and embodiment of work you've done with talk therapies or other modalities

  • processing undigested emotions

  • support for your inner child, inner little one (baby) and other aspects of self

  • working with your shadow history from conception through to birth

  • deepening and development of intuition

  • rewiring outdated or limiting blockages, beliefs, behaviours, patterns

  • consciously reconnecting to Mother Earth energy and feel her support & nurture



"I just wanted to say thank you Sarah. I haven't found a healer as talented as you in an incredibly long time. Your read is spot on. It's a beautiful talent alongside a beautiful session. Thank you again"

- Sophie

"Thank you so much, wow. I have no words. That was just beyond. I'm so grateful, my heart feels so full and my womb feels a flow it hasn't felt in so many years.


Thank you for allowing me to feel safe in my body, to feel what it feels like to be in my body and to feel light and spacious. Thank you so much, I am already looking forward to another session with you"

- Madeline

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