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Grounded Energy Medicine

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Welcome to a grounded approach to Energy Medicine

Most imbalances, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature or origin, respond to this subtle yet powerful multi-dimensional work.

The work is primarily with the nervous system. As it relaxes, the internal 'noise' begins to quiet. Tensions soften and flow increases. Connection to parts that have felt absent become felt and familiar. Trust and safety builds within. The potential for change becomes limitless. Every session is unique. Sarah works with clients all over the world.

During a session there is potential to:

  • feel calm, embodied and grounded

  • reduce pain and stress 

  • regulate the nervous system

  • resolve held trauma in the tissues and nervous system

  • integrate and embody work you've done with talk therapies or other modalities

  • release/transform unwanted energies

  • grow and develop in general and/or spiritually

  • work with your inner child  

  • increase intuition

  • release limiting blockages 

  • rewire outdated beliefs/behaviours/patterns

  • consciously reconnect to Mother Earth



Whether reducing physical pain and tension, healing a grieving heart, stilling an overactive mind, releasing trauma, working with your inner child, ancestral lines, past lives or deepening your spiritual connection and knowing, the intelligence of energy knows how to support you. Waves of calming energy gently flow to nurture what needs nurturing, to release and support what wants to let go, and to soothe and reassure any resistance so that you can release discomfort and build health and come back to a centred calm.


Sarah believes in empowering the individual and offers the potential to consciously work with innate abilities and healing potential. To be able to trust what you feel and sense. To support your own growth and change. She brings 25 years therapy experience and works with clients all over the world. Energy knows no distance, so during remote sessions Sarah can often see and intuit more in this form. It is surprisingly intimate and you will feel safe and supported. In-person sessions are available for locals.


Years of training and experience in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy  has informed so much of Sarah's work, and has laid the foundations for her energetic abilities to really flourish. This experience and deep understanding of working with trauma and the nervous system has been fundamental, and anchors her grounded approach. Over time it became clear she was no longer practicing true Craniosacral Therapy. She now focuses solely on energy work.

Sarah's visionary and energetic abilities have been consciously and quietly cultivated over many years. Abilities that were present since childhood, then numbed and run away from in early youth, have been acknowledged, embraced and developed. This has been a long and dedicated process and is a life long path. One approached with integrity and humility. And one blessed with mentors along the way who have embodied these integral qualities.



Each session starts with an initial conversation. Then you will lie down for the energy component. There will be time at the end to peacefully ground, integrate and slowly come back and debrief about your session. Having no expectations and being open to what unfolds for you on that given day is ideal as no two sessions are ever the same. This format is the same for both in person and remote sessions via zoom.

Zoom has no impact on the energy work. It is purely to communicate. Lying comfortably in your home where you won't be interrupted is important. Music is played during the energy portion. Distant work is just as effective and can potentially be even more potent than in person because the close contact of another is out of the way meaning less for your nervous system to interpret and it can relax in it's own environment.

Relaxation is definitely a profound benefit of this work but sometimes sessions can bring up something uncomfortable to be cleared and healed. Some clients know for them they may need a nap later that day to integrate the shifts. You may feel a little worse the following day before you feel better. Or you may just feel blissful. It is all a very natural part of change and reorganisation.


Post treatment the body continues to adjust for 24-48 hours and can take up to 3 days to fully integrate the changes. Reflection on what came up for you post treatment can maximise benefits.

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Remote Energy Sessions

In Person Energy Sessions

1:1 Mentoring Programs

75-90 mins $160

Via Zoom

75-90 mins $160

In Bangalow

For therapists wanting to grow and develop skills and intuitive abilities. Contact Sarah directly



Herbal Wisdom 

Health Food and Holistic Centre

(opp the primary school)

64 Byron St, Bangalow, NSW, 2479


Stage 4 Melbourne lockdown combined with months of homeschooling and running a small business had left me feeling fragmented, scattered and totally exhausted.


During the distance session I was never asleep, but instead in a space of deep quiet that was wrapped in waves of calming energy. There was a physical sense of internal shifting and perspective altering on my current challenges and life demands. It's a very hard experience to put into words, but the results are undeniable.


I have felt calm, re-energized and excited to get into work mode. I feel solution focused and most importantly unblocked in my writing. The day after the session I was up at 5.30am writing freely and in a way I haven't been able to for months. The beautiful thing about the remote healing experience is the opportunity to be in the familiarity of your own home. I had a sense that the energy shifting has stayed in the physical space as well.


I have no idea how the process works remotely but can testify that the sense of relaxation and transformation is deeper than any massage or other hands-on modality I have experienced up until this point. Sarah is uniquely gifted and a genuine healer. I highly recommend and endorse the remote practice, especially if you are feeling stuck in your creative work.

  Creative and Mother 


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