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Sarah Rickerby

Grounded Energy Medicine

Energy Worker 




Welcome to a grounded approach to Energy Medicine

An opportunity to work with your body and slow down and feel. To collaborate and work somatically with your body's intelligence that lies beyond the logical mind and to connect with earth medicine.

The wisdom and knowing of the human body is truly profound and guides us to where our innate health and healing expresses. 

Most imbalances, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature or origin, respond to this subtle yet powerful multi-dimensional work.

The work is primarily with the nervous system. As it relaxes, the internal 'noise' begins to quiet. Tensions soften and flow increases. Connection to parts that have felt absent become felt and familiar. Trust and safety builds within. The potential for change becomes limitless. Every session is unique. Sarah works with clients all over the world.

During a session there is potential to:

  • feel calm, embodied and grounded

  • reduce pain and stress 

  • regulate the nervous system

  • resolve held trauma in the tissues and nervous system

  • integrate and embody work you've done with talk therapies or other modalities

  • release/transform unwanted energies

  • grow and develop in general and/or spiritually

  • work with your inner child  

  • increase intuition

  • release limiting blockages 

  • rewire outdated beliefs/behaviours/patterns

  • consciously reconnect to Mother Earth

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Whether reducing physical pain and tension, healing a grieving heart, stilling an overactive mind, releasing trauma, working with your inner child, ancestral lines, past lives or deepening your spiritual connection and knowing, the intelligence of energy knows how to support you. Waves of calming energy gently flow to nurture what needs nurturing, to release and support what wants to let go, and to soothe and reassure any resistance so that you can release discomfort and build health and come back to a centred calm.


Sarah believes in empowering the individual and offers the potential to consciously work with innate abilities and healing potential. To be able to trust what you feel and sense. To support your own growth and change. She brings 25 years therapy experience and deep care and nurture to her sessions.

 Energy knows no distance, so during remote sessions Sarah can often see and intuit more in this form. It is surprisingly intimate and you will feel safe and supported from where ever you are in the world.

In-person sessions are available in Bangalow NSW, Australia for locals and tourists.


1:1 In Person Energy Sessions

75-90 mins

In Bangalow

1:1 Mentoring

For therapists who wish to develop skills and intuitive abilities.

Via Zoom

1:1 Remote Energy Sessions

75-90 mins

Via Zoom

Other Offerings


Small group energy tune-ups

Via Zoom



"I just wanted to say thank you Sarah. I haven't found a healer as talented as you in an incredibly long time. Your read is spot on. It's a beautiful talent alongside a beautiful session. Thank you again"

- Sophie

"Thank you so much, wow. I have no words. That was just beyond. I'm so grateful, my heart feels so full and my womb feels a flow it hasn't felt in so many years.


Thank you for allowing me to feel safe in my body, to feel what it feels like to be in my body and to feel light and spacious. Thank you so much, I am already looking forward to another session with you"

- Madeline



Herbal Wisdom 

Health Food and Holistic Centre

(opp the primary school)

64 Byron St, Bangalow, NSW, 2479

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