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1:1 Energy Sessions  
Online and in-person
75-90 mins $180 

  • Each session starts with an initial conversation before lying down for the energy journey. Hz frequency music is played. There will be time at the end to gently ground and debrief about your session. Having no expectations and being open to what unfolds on that given day is ideal as no two sessions are ever the same.

  • Relaxation is definitely a profound benefit of this work but sometimes sessions can bring up uncomfortable sensations to be cleared and healed. Sleep helps integrate the shifts. You may feel a little sensitive the following day. Or you may just feel blissful. It is all a very natural part of change and reorganisation.


  • Post treatment the body continues to adjust for 24-48 hours and can take up to 3 days to fully integrate the changes. 


"Another truly profound distance healing session with Sarah Rickerby who I have been seeing for a few years now. I can attend to her ability to hold space and offer such sincerely helpful insights. I am very precious about who I entrust with my process and Sarah is truly incredible"


- Erin

"Monthly self-care... Just had my energy session with the amazing Sarah Rickerby. I've had phenomenal personal and career growth since working through where my body holds blocks and trauma"


- Brooke

Small group Energy Tune-Ups
75 mins online workshop

  • Held weekly, these intimate online gatherings are powerful and for some, much more than a tune-up. A chance to relax your nervous system, ground and centre, release some emotions and restore flow and ease.

  • After a brief hello you lie down on your bed (or somewhere indoors where you won't be disturb) for the energy journey. Hz frequency music is played and a post session chat is available to those who wish to have a brief share or simply listen. You can quietly sign off and stay in your quiet space if you prefer. Whatever works best for you in the moment is encouraged.

  • The group dynamic is nourishing on many levels and magnifies the potency of the field whilst still offering a personalised experience based on what you need and what your inner intelligence has prioritised.

  • Please note: If you are in a critical state of trauma or overwhelm or need to talk then this requires a one on one session for tailored support.


Past participants...


"I just wanted to say thank you so much that small group session was huge for me. I normally find it hard to cry but I had a massive release of longterm grief and sadness which was pretty epic"

- Lisa


"Thank you for the group session Sarah it was very impactful for me. As much as I would have loved to stay on the call at the end I felt to honour the stillness within and stay in my cocoon. So grateful for this space"

- Catherine

1:1 Mentoring
1 hr online $150

  • Having someone experienced to debrief with is essential for growth and staying clear as a therapist. Sarah brings 25 years therapy experience specialising in the body and nervous system. Whether you need support discussing a session or client case, want to deepen your embodiment, develop intuitive abilities or bring in new tools and techniques to your work Sarah can support you.

  • Single sessions available when needed - online

  • Tailored mentoring programs available

  • Contact Sarah directly for more information or to book a compatibility call

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